Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How large is the EZ-Step Stair Climbing Cane?

The base is 3 ½ “ (8.9cm) high, 9 ¼” (23.5cm) wide and 9 ¼” (23.5cm) long

The cane is adjustable from 29” (76.2cm) to a maximum of 39 ” (100.3cm)

2)  What is made of?

The EZ-Step base is made of a very durable ABS plastic

The cane is extruded aluminum

The handle is latex foam

3)  Where it the EZ-Step made?

The EZ-Step base is made in the USA,  and the cane comes from overseas

4)  How much does it weigh?

The EZ-Step is very lightweight…only 2 lbs.

5)  How much weight will it accommodate?

The EZ-Step is constructed to safely support 350 lbs. (158.7Kg)

6)  Can it be used outdoors?

Yes the EZ-Step has heavy duty rubber grommet feet to help avoid slipping

The base can be wiped off with mild soap and water

A hand strap is added convenience and safety 

7)  What colors are available?

Blue base with Aluminum cane

Purple base with Purple cane

Pink base with Polka Dot cane

Blue base with Ice Blue cane

8)  Is it covered by my insurance company?

Generally yes if prescribed by your doctor, but policies and coverage vary from company to company. You should check first. 

9)  Is there a warranty?

The EZ-Step Stair Climbing Cane offers a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects

Your satisfaction is important so we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

10)  Can I take the EZ-Step apart?

Yes, you may for travel, but it is meant to be a permanent device.