With the portable EZ-Step, you have the security of knowing that the base is made in the USA and offers you the freedom to live your life independently. Backed by a University Study, the EZ-Step was found to reduce the EMG (Electromyographic) activity in four major muscle groups, reduce the ROM (Range of Motion) in the hip and knees and may result in less joint force contact.

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Portable​, unique,  one of a kind stair climbing aide! 

Our unique patented design offers you the strength and steadiness of a quad cane when not in use ascending or descending stairs. ​Our strong ABS plastic base is built with a ribbed surface and extra-large rubber grommet feet to ensure you don't slip.

The portable EZ-Step provides a level of protection from falling while climbing stairs, curbs or sidewalks. Falling is the #1 injury to seniors and the EZ-Step offers help for any
one with ambulatory issues. Because it is lightweight, weighing in at only 2 lbs. it’s easy to use....and best of all there are no
moving parts!